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Voodoo Glow Skulls
23" x 17.5" 1998
Full Color Silk Screen Poster
Limited Edition Serigraph (500)Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican Revolutionary fighting for the rights of the poor and the Indians of southern Mexico. His image here
reflects the band's radical vision and hard
hitting music, many times sung en Espanol.

Price: $18.00

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Reverend Horton Heat Artist Proofs
23" x 17.5",1998
Limited Edition Serigraph
4 color, edition of 500

The artist created this image to reflect the love of hot women and hot cars. The hand cut lines follow and relate the shape of the woman's curves with that of the Chevy.

Price: $60 each, multiple orders $50

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Marco Almera began his artistic career in the SoCal Surf/Skate/Punk Rock culture of the early Eighties. As a teenager, he was inspired by the do-it-yourself style of this culture, and created his own t-shirts and graphics. Surfing and music had a big influence on the artists' style. An avid art student, he took to the printing process as well. 

Screenprinting paved the way for airbrushing, and soon he began painting cars and t-shirts for family, friends and customers.


The Native American-style airbrushed shirts Almera painted became recognized at Indian Pow-Wows and Music Festivals around the country. This led to his graphics being licensed by bands for t-shirt designs in 1993. He started painting album covers in 1996.

Sublime "Joyride" Artist Proofs

The artist worked with Skunk Records and the band to perfect the image he came up with. The scene depicts an aggro SoCal surfer leaving Long Beach on a trip up North with his illegal Mexican girlfriend. The imagery and action reflect the band's music, most notably the quick tempo and the ocean setting. Artist proofs (a/p's) are all that's left of the run. They were picked as the best of the run and are from the artist's personal collection.

Sublime "Joyride" Artist Proofs
24" x 36",1997
Limited Edition Serigraph
6 color, of 75 artist proofs

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Price: $200 each, multiple orders $175


S.F. Rock Poster Revival
12.5" x 19", 1999
Limited Edition Serigraph
4 color, edition of 365

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Price: $16.00

S.F. Rock Poster Revival

This poster advertises the upcoming art show,"San Francisco Rock Poster Revival", in which Marco Almera will be  showing his art. The military theme represents the "army" of poster artists included in the show. They are armed with art supplies instead of weapons. The uniforms, tank, and planes are WWII-era, a favorite motif of the artist. The artist himself is depicted as the dominant soldier with the

Almera has spent the past years working extensively in the surf and music industries, creating t-shirts, album covers and commissioned paintings. He has created a series of serigraphs which are in music stores and poster galleries throughout the
world. Most recently, he has enjoyed success with his serigraphs in Japan and Germany.

Marco Almera has done artwork or album covers for the following bands: 

Sublime, Reverend, Horton Heat, Misfits, Primus, Voodoo Glow, Skulls, Bomboras, GWAR, Los Infernos, Filibuster, Ghastly Ones, Dropkick, Murphys, Still Dreadful, Hepcat, Dictators, Supersuckers and Ween

17.5" x 23" 1999
Limited Edition Serigraph 4
color, edition of 510

gwarmisfits.gif (137412 bytes)

Price: $22.00


This image depicts a scene from the artist's childhood where the artist (with match) with his brother (with needle) torture plastic armymen. Now, this really happened, but in this scene the rest of the army patrol catches wind of these giant's despicable intentions and run to escape. Will they make it?

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