Ian Roussel 

Up-Date 09/04/00

Functional Art Extraordinaire

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Some of Ian's Recent Projects 

chevron.gif (66739 bytes)

Chevron Full Scale Replication

shorti.gif (44575 bytes)

Major Change

ricshaw.gif (48167 bytes)

Gas Powered Rick Shaw

Ian's personal transportation

bike1.gif (61218 bytes)

Ian's personal ride # 1

bike2.gif (55988 bytes)

Ian's personal ride # 2

bug.gif (38127 bytes)

Ian's personal ride # 3

Ian's products that can be found at Kulture Shoq Studio

bike01.gif (78031 bytes)

Large Bikes $ 700.00-800.00

Small Bikes $ 300.00-500.00

In Stock and made To Order

tbl01.gif (48388 bytes)

Out Door Furniture set


$ 800.00

trike01.gif (64358 bytes)

Super Trike

$ 800.00 - 900.00

In Stock and made To Order

This is Just a Sample of Ian's Work.

Meet Ian Roussel and see more of his collection for sale

At Kulture Shoq Studio

Sept. 30th 2000 from 6p.m.-10 p.m.


October 28, 2000   from 6p.m.-10 p.m.

There's More to Come

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