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September 2nd & September 16th 2012

1st Annual Rock 'n' Roll Invitational & Battle of the Bands

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Hey Gang!

Get Ready For Moldy Marvin's 9th Annual Kustom Kulture 

Was held ... July 18th-20th 2008

At the Outpost in Pearblossom California!

Open to pre 1973 , Kustoms, Classics, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Vans, 
Motorcycles, Trikes & Camping Trailers

This years show is gonna be a real gasser with overnight camping and a 
great entertainment line up!

Click here for Fotos of the event and More !

Yeeeeeeee Hawwww,

tha Moldy one




Up Date 08/04/08




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Check out Pictures of our Hot Rod Mama Show held March 16, 2002



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Click here to see pictures of our "Hula Hula Valentine" 2001 Featuring

Jimmy C and the Queen of Art, Dan Collins ,  C.C. and Anne Rider,

Other Artist Appearances by C.J. Allan, Harpoon,  E-Dog,  Ian Roussel,  Eric Pigors, Chad Scheres and Manuel Cisneros

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